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What is yoga?

Yoga is by itself a healing journey that brings balance to the whole of you by a deeper connection with what you are. A one-on-one Hatha Yoga class adapts the practice to your specific needs. This conscious movement therapy aims at the holistic treatment of various kinds of somatic and psychological dysfunctions, from back pain to emotional pain. The aim is to empower you with specific tools to bring awareness to the different levels of your body.


What does a session of one-on-one yoga look like?

Prescription of specific regiment of Asanas (yoga postures), Pilates exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are used to soften tensions in different levels of the body and to strengthen other areas. The program is designed to suit individual needs. The structure of one-on-one yoga is different from one individual to another. Sessions are 75min long.

Who will benefit from one-on-one yoga?

  • People with specific or persistent health issues not usually addressed in a group class: stress related issues, back pain, stiffness, arthritis, low range of movement, depression, digestive issues, asthma and more.
  • Beginners to yoga practice.
  • Practitioners who want to deepen into their practice.


One-on-one yoga class
one-on-one yoga
  • One on one Yoga 75 min  $95

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“I highly recommend one-on-one yoga lessons with Soledad Torres, the yoga instructor at Integrated Therapies. Unlike group classes, where the student can slack off, give only half an effort, and not be noticed, with one-on-one instruction, there is no place to hide. Progress is made because Soledad very gently demands attention to every detail, from breathing, to not becoming distracted by drifting thoughts, to the right amount of pressure at the base of the first finger in downward facing dog. Soledad looks her students in the eyes, and asks “How are you?”. She really wants to know: how you are in your body, in your spirit, in your mind; and focuses on helping you maintain or work towards peacefulness and presence in your poses. This is the mark of an excellent instructor. She is not simply calling out instructions (something for which you could find an iphone app), but she is accompanying you through the practice with you in mind. When she asks how you are, you may as well tell her the truth. There’s no place to hide. And in that moment, you are ready for yoga.”

by Dr.Robert Ferrari