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Integrated therapies is an Edmonton-based holistic health centre located in a beautiful heritage home in Old Strathcona with a second location in a studio in the west end.

We specialize in combining massage therapy, acupuncture, and one-on-one yoga treatments that will enhance your own natural ability to heal.

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Reviews of Our Clinic

I just started going to Integrated Therapies and I love it. The space is beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I would highly recommend Lisa Lane for massage - her deep tissue massage is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. I am quite new to massage therapy and was a little nervous before my first session about what to expect. Lisa was very accommodating, warm and kind and made sure I was always comfortable. Besides giving amazing massages, she is such a great person to converse with. I will be religiously coming back to Integrated Therapies!read more
Angie Wu
18:13 04 Nov 18
I worked across the street from Integrated Therapies and had met a few of the practitioners, I went to see Dr. Yangyang Xu - she was awesome - I tried acupuncture to help me quit smoking; although I wasn't successful right at the time after my appointment - I believe her treatment helped me get ready for the real quit - which I finally did in June of this year (2018) so to celebrate my birthday and the fact that I quit smoking - I went to get a massage from Anne Leibhart, who again was awesome! She showed me some stretches that would help me stay limber and not get so tense. The people who own and work here are dedicated to making peoples lives better - they are truly gifted at their craft and I would recommend them as they have a diverse services and everyone is friendly and pleasant. From Kim the receptionist to Mariano & Soledad who own the place. Go visit them!read more
Cindy Visca
14:27 03 Oct 18
I absolutely love going here for my massage therapy. It's such a nice calm, relaxing environment. The massage tables and linen are so comfortable. Emily has helped me so much since my car accident. I highly recommend integrated therapies if you require therapy for an injury or even to help reduce stress. I leave feeling calm and renewed every time. Thanks so much Integrated therapies and "Emily" you do a great Job!read more
Kim Carlson
21:10 28 Sep 18
I religiously go to this location because of the amazing, calming and welcoming atmosphere. I recently had the most incredible massage from Renata, I walked in barely being able to turn my head side to side due to neck pain and walked out able to do so. She could read my body tensions without me having to tell her anything and I literally got the best massage of my life. She knew the perfect pressure and spent the exact right amount of time for each area - another plus is she used peppermint oil which was 10/10. Highly recommend!!read more
Paige Watson
12:27 19 Sep 18
Just went for a hr and a half couples massage, the atmosphere there is relaxing.. and the massage is hands down the best I have ever had.. price was right on point to..its my new go to spot to kill some stress and feel 100 againread more
Cody Flight
23:51 24 Aug 18
Great experience at Integrated Therapies! I've been trying to find a good massage therapust for long time, and was kind of skeptical about the benefits of getting another massage. Frank was awesome. I explain to him the reasons why I needed a massage and he focused on those areas diligently. After the masage I felt like a new person... best masage I've had. Thanks Frank!!! I'll be back for more
Laura Anato
16:02 29 Jul 18
Such a comfortable environment! I felt like I was at a friend's house. My masseuse was so kind, considerate, and did an amazing job!read more
Charity Slobod
15:32 16 Jul 18
For years of finding a good massage therapist finally I found a good one. Alyssa was a great in treating my trouble body issues and she knows where to find them.I highly recommended her. Also, I found the staff here are very gentle too. The only thing I’ve noticed was during very hot summer days it’s warm in the more
Al Treb
06:57 03 Jul 18
If you struggle with chronic pain, I highly recommend that you book an appointment with Mariano Tores. He is a remarkable acupuncturist! I was experiencing chronic knee pain following a motor vehicle accident and, after 3 treatments, I experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms. His process includes an assessment with a holistic approach. He utilizes exceptional listening skills as well as massage techniques on the affected areas that make a real difference. He took time to answer all the questions I had. I highly recommend Mariano Tores’ services. He certainly is MY (and my loved ones) go-to more
Eleanor Frank
17:34 01 Jun 18
I have been going here as needed since last year, and Anne Liebhart is a muscular miracle worker. I cannot recommend her highly enough. All of the staff I have encountered are very friendly, and have worked hard to create a calm environment in the house. As soon as you walk in, you are no longer in the loud and busy city, you are in a serene retreat.If it were realistic, I would go here every more
17:21 24 May 18
The team at Integrated Therapies is top notch. I had flexibility issues and knee problems stemming from my work and physical training. The course of treatments solved all of my problems quickly. I have been problem free for 2 years!read more
Jesse Starko
03:00 21 May 18
Went for a couples massage with my girlfriend on April 7. They have a very welcoming environment that's extremely relaxing while waiting for our appointment. They offered tea while we filled out first time paprework. They offer direct billing for most major insurance companies, except blue cross for acupuncture I heard. I had Karina, and My GF had Anna. Both were extremely professional, kind, thoughtful, and strong. Literally almost fell asleep it was so relaxing. Definitely returning as my back has never felt this good in over a decade!read more
Casey Dueck
18:18 08 Apr 18
From the moment I arrived at Integrated Therapies I felt a sense of peace. Located in an adorable character house in the heart of old Strathcona, it is clear that every detail has been carefully considered. The lovely violet trim and original charm eased my nerves and intrigued my senses. As I entered, I was warmly welcomed by friendly staff, comfy slippers, complimentary tea, and insightful reading. I felt as though I had arrived home.Anne, is so wonderfully knowledgeable and skilled; I feel that she truly wants and can help. Her refreshing authenticity and passion for healing was a perfect pairing for the cranial relief I have long sought. The pressure and tension I have carried for years was kindly eased and released.I am grateful to have been guided to what I needed and look forward to exploring what is offered. Integrated Therapies is strongly recommended for learning, growing and healing. With gratitude, Elizabeth Leenheerread more
Elizabeth Leenheer
17:32 23 Mar 18
This was my first massage therapy session ever, and I was not disappointed. I was first greeted by the building’s very calm and relaxing atmosphere. The lady at the front desk was very helpful and kind. I met with my therapist Alyssia and we created an effective treatment plan based off of my history and current muscle pain. I am still amazed by the results of just one appointment and I look forward to many more. I recommend Integrated Therapies to everyone .read more
Alex Lindon
16:28 16 Mar 18
Soledad is amazing! She’s not only a wonderful yoga teacher but also very pleasant and easy to work with. She asks loads of questions during your sessions to ensure that the yoga sessions are helping and wants to learn about the muscles and what you are feeling. Great experience would highly recommend!read more
A Ladha
16:06 04 Mar 18
Came here to do a couples massage with my bf a few days ago for our anniversary, it was both our first times getting an actually massage. When arriving to the place, we were greeted by the lovely receptionist who made us feel like home. While getting the massage I kind of wished they actually focused more on the areas me and my bf explained to do but that doesn’t mean they did a terrible job. After the massage we felt a bit sore still, hoping that’s supposed to be normal but overall experience here was more
kayla tingzon
09:08 17 Feb 18
Because I have had some not so great experiences at other bussinesses and the experience kind of turned me off from these services, I went to Integrated Therapies and I didn't feel as though I was in a stuffy doctors office. The environment and the approach in which I was treated was very welcoming, calming and inviting. I continue to go because of the way my services are provided to me. Each staff has a unique way of working with me so that I receive optimal treatment. When I leave I am not only receiving treatment for my body but feel healing for my mind, spirit and emotions as more
Natasha Soutar
01:16 23 Nov 17
Had my first visit with Emily for deep tissue massage. She was amazing and knowledgeable. Went with lot of pain on my shoulder and neck. After the therapy, I felt much better and relaxing. Thanks a lot to Emily. Will definitely visit again and highly recommend this more
Guhan R
19:15 13 Nov 17
Mariano was amazing - I went for acupuncture and he threw in a bit of massage as well. I feel so good!! Stretched out some parts of me that I didn't even know were causing issues. Very holistic approach!read more
Stephanie Jonsson
20:23 17 Oct 17
I had my first appointment with Karina last week (deep tissue massage). She was very kind and welcoming, and she made an extra effort to address my particular needs before we began the massage, to make me extra comfortable! I had woke up with a cold that morning, so she put a tissue with peppermint oil beneath the massage table so I could breathe easier, and she suggested to put a pillow underneath my stomach to reduce the strain on my lower back during the massage (as it is extra curved). I was very impressed with her level of awareness and attention. She also gave extra tips on how I could improve my posture to reduce neck pain; she seemed to be very knowledgeable. The massage itself was excellent; the best I have ever had. Additionally, the facility is beautiful, clean, and there is free parking at the back of the building. I love business that are in houses- so welcoming and calming! Highly more
Jessica Harvey
22:51 01 Oct 17
So much better than any other massage I've had elsewhere. The therapist too her time to understand the reason I was there, then asked lots of questions to determine the best form of massage treatment. I'm looking forward to my next more
Amin Ahmed
15:34 28 Sep 17
Mariano was fantastic. First experience with him and he helped me become more aware of my tight spots and was able to do a mix of both acupuncture and massage. It was awesome and definitely will return!read more
Raj Sandhu
20:54 08 Sep 17
Anne was very knowledgeable and able to quickly assess what needed to be corrected.She was also helpful in suggesting changes I could make in my daily activities to prevent further injuries. Anne even gave me a correction on how I was performing a martial arts movement and how it related to corrections I needed to make in my posture!Brilliant ?read more
Brett Maimann
15:46 07 Sep 17
Received a 90 minute deep tissue massage from Karina. My back feels much better! Was a very positive experience start to finish, very relaxing and enjoyable. Would highly recommend this place ?read more
Drake Neufeld
18:03 16 Aug 17
What a wonderful environment, calming as you walk in the door. Friendly staff. Karina is one of the best massage therapists that I have ever encountered. Not only knowledgeable about her craft, but her massage is fit perfectly for what ails you. She is also kind and caring and you can feel her healing energy as she works on you...highly recommend both Karina and Integrated Therapies for whatever healing you're looking more
Lawrence Hendrick
17:38 10 Aug 17
As a massage therapy student, I receive a lot of massages/ treatments. Mariano is the best practitioner (massage and acupuncture) that I've ever had. Every therapist at Integrated Therapies are top level. And the environment is incredibly comfortable and more
Robert Johnston
15:37 01 Aug 17
I LOVE this place! I have been for 2 massages so far with different practitioners and they were both superb. My partner and I also see Susann for relationship counseling and she is truly the best therapist I have ever been too. I appreciate the energy of the entire space and the care they put into the waiting room and the cleanliness and decor of each more
Renee McLachlan
15:54 26 Jul 17
The therapist was amazing! Great team with a peaceful atmosphere. Incredibly positive and calming, I walked in like a train wreck, I left feeling so relaxed. I will go again and will bring my friend's. I highly recommend this more
Deena J
16:13 09 Jul 17
Frank is AMAZING. History: I have periods of severe back pain due to my desk job and a spine condition and there are days where I can barley even move. I experience a sharp stabbing pain in my neck and back and sleeping during those times is near impossible as any movement causes extreme pain and wakes me up.I have tried so many Massage Therapists over the years, and have had a range of experiences from absolutely terrible to just okay. I never stuck with one person for very long.Then I booked an appointment with Frank and I have never been to another Registered Massage Therapist since. From our first meeting, Frank was so knowledgeable and compassionate. He took the time to listen to me and go over what all my issues were. He was thorough in understanding my situation and built a plan to help me. Cannot say enough good things about him!read more
Chad Collins
16:11 30 Jun 17
Alyssia is an amazing massage therapist! I have seen her a few times now and finally feel I found the right lady! She is very knowledgeable and definitely knows what she's doing. I always leave feeling so much better - like I can move again! She uses many different methods to release tension and stress from the muscles. Overall I have enjoyed all of my experiences with her and highly recommend if you are looking for the perfect therapist who takes the time to understand your needs and follow up with how you're doing every visit! Thank you so much for you kindness and compassion. I can't wait for my next visit!read more
Miranda Woloschuk
20:27 21 Jun 17
I had a great experience, from booking the appointment to the massage itself. Booking online is so easy, gives so many options, can be done anytime!Frank was great too, very professional but able to share a laugh too. Being new to the city, I'm glad to have found my new massage therapy clinic so more
Christopher Curran
15:31 09 Jun 17
Integrated Therapies is infused with heart, from the staff to the practitioners to the artful, unique decor. Each therapist has integrity and skill and is genuinely there to help you heal. I have enjoyed numerous massages with Soledad, and every time I left fully relaxed and nourished. Treat yourself!read more
Leala Enfield
17:43 10 Nov 16
It was amazing! Me and my husband went for a couples massage and was so nice. If you have chronic pain you should book an appointment with Anna, shes great. My husband has horrible pain in his neck and shoulders and she made him feel great! We are lifers. I had a massage with Frank and was so great too! Very happyread more
Cindy Vil
22:41 27 Oct 16
Many Thanks to Mariano and The Team! I have had so many wonderful experiences in this place! The care is tangible as soon as you call or walk in. Whether it's yoga, massage, chiropractor or accupuncture services you're after--they're all professionally and caringly provided here. I have never been forced to wait to schedule an appointment, and have always found my provider ready upon my arrival. I love it here!Tammy Hawkinsread more
Tammy Hawkins
22:33 21 Oct 16
I really love that they have an integrated massage therapy and acupuncture treatment. Just one treatment really made a big difference in terms of my mobility and pain levels. It's a lovely atmosphere, too!read more
Tobias Bernstein
02:40 07 Oct 16
Frank is an excellent massage therapists. Sometimes I go somewhere else just because it is closer to my home and I am always disappointed. Frank is able to find where the pain and discomfort is and ease it away. Thanks Frank.I would recommend Frank to anyone needing a massage. :)read more
Lindsay Fenwick
15:12 12 Jul 16

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