Reviewed by Noemi Morales RMT

Couples Massage Therapy

*Please call Integrated Therapies to book your appointment so we can schedule two therapists for you.


60 min couples massage $210

90 min couples massage $290

Prices do not include GST

A couples massage is a way to nurture your relationship in a way that goes beyond words. As your bodies relax there is more space created for a deeper heart connection with your partner. There is more space to receive and give from an open heart. When the mind and the body are softer, it is easier to relate to the invisible bond that brings a couple together. In the vulnerability of an open state we can see more of what we are together.

A couples massage therapy session is a great treat for a couple on an anniversary, a special birthday, or just because they want to connect in this way. This treatment takes place in a room lighted with candles and very soothing music. The two therapists work in a coordinated way so that the partners are able to stay tuned to each other.

if you are ready to make an appointment for a couples massage in Edmonton please follow these simple steps:
  1. call (780) 432-4803 to talk to someone so we can organize two therapists for the session
  2. please try not to drink coffee at least one hour before your session
  3. please try to come to your appointment with an empty stomach or at least one hour after eating

This treatment can be provided by:

“For my birthday, my fiancee surprised me with a ‘couples massage’ at Integrated Therapies. Sole and Mariano created the perfect candle lit space for us to hold hands throughout (on our massage tables side by side), while they massaged us. The experience was like nothing else…deeply intimate and restorative. To have a shared experience such as this was an unbelievable gift. Walking home feeling deeply connected emotionally and completely restored physically was a wonderful remnant of an awesome experience and fantastic massage. Thank-you Sole and Mariano…we will be back!!!”  Lesly Deuchar