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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of facilitating the release of restrictions in the craniosacral system. This system is composed of the membranes and craniosacral fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the cranium (bones of the skull, face and mouth) down to the sacrum or tailbone area.

During a craniosacral session, the therapist listens to the body’s subtle rhythms and any patterns of inertia or congestion. She is then directed by the patient’s own physiology for natural healing. The intention of treatment is to facilitate the expression and movement of healthy bodily rhythms within a deep inner stillness and so enhance the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating capability.

Craniosacral therapy takes a whole-person approach to healing and the inter-connections of mind, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged.

This is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of problems because the craniosacral system influences so many other systems in the body. It is suitable for people of all ages including babies, children and the elderly, and can be effective in acute or chronic cases.

“Health is that perfect matrix that precedes form
and is present within us from the moment of conception”


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

by Elise Broughton

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a light-touch method of releasing stress and unprocessed emotion/trauma that is held in the body. 

Psychologists and counsellors understand that in order to help an individual who is struggling or stuck, the most important thing they must do is simply to listen. The act of deeply listening, and providing gentle support where needed, allows the client to unfold and discover their truth on their own terms; a powerful and lasting way to achieve transformation. With craniosacral therapy, the same principles apply – you are in the driver’s seat. The difference is that the practitioner listens with their hands and your body does the talking. 

The reason this approach is so effective is because our emotions and traumas are not psychological (contained solely in the brain/mind), they are physiological (residing in tissue throughout the whole body). Upon reflection, most people know this to be true – we have all experienced visceral ‘butterflies’ when anxious, or tense muscles when we are angry. Therefore, an approach that addresses the whole body can be profoundly restorative, and is particularly effective when we are unable to identify or verbalise the underlying cause of our emotional state, such as when memories are stored in the preverbal/subconscious aspect of the mind and body.

BCST accepts and honours you exactly as you are, where you are. The practitioner attunes themselves to you through various holds, and simply listens as your body tells its story. 

If you are interested to know whether BCST can help you, we are pleased to offer combination massage and BCST treatments so you can dip your toes in. 


From a client of Integrated Therapies:

“Being clinically diagnosed with ADHD as a young adult was the beginning of an endless search for the right medication, proper dosages and other helpful solutions to look for ways to focus my attention, control my emotional swings and clarify my mind. Having exhausted what seemed like all options: a variety of different drugs, psychologists and therapies, I came across cranio-sacral therapy. I had been told that it had been used as an alternative method to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with learning disabilities, anxiety and traumas. Even after my first session I noticed a significant difference in the ease I felt with things that usually were enough to ‘tip me over the edge”. During treatments I would enter into a deep state of relaxation and I could feel my body working out all the kinks as it was ‘communicating’ and opening up. Afterwards I would find that my focus became better, and I could limit my tantrums with my new sense of awareness and control of my body and mind. It almost felt like it was ‘magic’. I had never experienced anything so powerful with medication and so my perspective has shifted. I now regularly get cranio done and each time I am even more impressed by the results.”  

Shelby Fiddes-Waldon


90 min craniosacral therapy $145

60 min craniosacral therapy $105

90 min craniosacral & massage integration $145

60 min craniosacral & massage integration $105

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