Soledad & Mariano married with a commitment to support each other to grow in love, sincerity and courage. With this clarity of heart they brought together exceptional multidisciplinary practitioners to form the Integrated Therapies team – Edmonton massage therapy with heartfelt and honest holistic practice.

We combine Oriental and Western health philosophies into effective, targeted treatments. You can benefit from massage and craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, thai massage, group and one-on-one yoga, holistic life coaching for individuals and couples, nutritional advice and herbal therapy. Whether you want to simply improve your lifestyle, you’re suffering from nagging injury or very serious illness, we help you uncover and heal the root cause of illness and old habits.

Unlike cures which offer quick or chemical fixes, the team at Integrated Therapies partners with you, one gentle step at time, to naturally soften any physical or emotional hardness, so you can breathe easier and deeper and feel more relaxed and excited about life.

Ultimately we help you get to where you want to be, living as healthy and pain-free as possible, enjoying your full potential, living fully alive.