Sharleen was born in Canada to a Mexican mother and spent her childhood in both countries. When she was 15 her family moved permanently to Mexico, where her interest in the wellness industry began. In 2007 she returned to Canada, completed the Massage Therapy program in Red Deer, and started working with a chiropractor. During this period, she sensed the utility of applying deeper pressure in her treatments and studied techniques for penetrating tissues without shocking the body’s nervous system.

Sharleen also attended Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become certified in Holistic Nutrition, and she has additional training as a coach. Her style of coaching uses a proprietary process which involves a powerful embodiment experience to help activate connection to the body and support moving through life’s challenges. Once we are connected to our inner wisdom, that energy can create movement and be applied in many beneficial ways. When appropriate, she incorporates some of these techniques into her massage assessment.

Physical, emotional, spiritual and social trauma are typically stored in the body, and Sharleen combines complementary modalities, such as Reiki, craniosacral therapy, and coaching, with therapeutic massage to provide a path to overall balance and wellness.  

She enjoys working with clients who experience chronic pain as well as those who are curious about mind-body-spirit connection. She provides a support system for her clients, including addressing the struggles they may be facing in their relationship with food.


Sharleen enjoys martial arts training with her children and lives an active lifestyle full of music, dancing and gardening.

Sharleen can provide the following treatments: