For most of his life, Paul has been giving massages to family, friends and other athletes, and he has seen and believes in the healing power of massage.

He started martial arts at a young age and learned that he could help himself and others with massage – to increase performance, range of motion and flexibility, and to relieve aches, pains, swelling and fatigue.

He recently upgraded his skills at college to begin a career as a professional Registered Massage Therapist. He uses various assessment techniques to determine your needs and plan a treatment that will get you feeling more energized, relaxed and ready to deal with your life. He offers deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, sports massage and trigger point release, as well as cupping and hot/cold stones treatments. There are many ways to help you move and feel better, so stop by to meet Paul, discuss what you would like to achieve, and let him design a treatment just for you.

Paul can provide the following treatments: