Frank Lai, Registered Massage TherapistFrank Lai RMT is a registered massage therapist who loves to work with patients and help them to feel better in their bodies and in their lives.

I began my career as physical therapy assistant, but I felt limited by only being able to carry out the physical therapist’s orders and help to monitor patient’s recovery. I wanted to do more.

I felt that, as a massage therapist, I would be able to solve problems and directly help people, to deal with their whole picture. Early in my massage therapy program, rising from the table of a classmate feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, I knew I’d made the right choice – what I wanted to do was to help other people to feel this way.

Massage has always been a part of my life. My parents treated me with traditional massage techniques when I was injured or ill as a child. Through this experience, I learned the pressure points where people feel tender and how addressing those points can bring pain relief and better energy flow.

I believe that the body works as an integrated whole, and that without balance among its parts it cannot function properly. Each part of the body has an antagonist, a protagonist and sometimes a variety of synergists. Treating them all helps to reduce pain and improve overall quality of life, whether the body is healthy, or challenged by an injury, or a chronic condition like scoliosis, or a recent surgery.


“Saw Frank Thursday night and made a huge difference.  Been having issues with my neck and shoulders which was keeping me away at night time.  Finally got a full nights rest with no pain.” Diane K.

Frank can provide the following treatments: