Elise’s interest in science and biology started in secondary school, and she went on to complete B.Sc.’s in Molecular Genetics (2007) and Nutrition (2009) at the University of Alberta.

She worked for a time in an unrelated field but was drawn back into health and biology after receiving her first Bowen therapy treatment in 2011. She was intrigued by the impact of touch on physical and emotional well-being, and started taking part-time courses in massage therapy and related modalities. She graduated from Archways Healing College in 2016 with a 2200-hour massage therapy diploma, and went on to complete a 2-year diploma in biodynamic craniosacral therapy – a holistic modality that supports processing of stress and emotions held in the tissues – through Body Intelligence in 2018. She is registered massage therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

She has worked with clients with chronic pain, PTSD, GAD, depression, and grief, and specialises in facilitating the resolution and integration of unresolved trauma through touch. She takes a pain-free, therapeutic approach to her massage treatments with an emphasis on biomechanics.

In her spare time, Elise enjoys playing with her son, board games with her husband, and cycling/hiking on the trails.

Elise can provide the following treatments: