Christiane Panesar, Holistic Nutritional CoachChristiane graduated with distinction from Canada’s leading Natural Nutrition institution, the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition (CSNN). She empowers her clients by sharing knowledge about wholesome ways to eat and self-nurture, providing simple tools that support transformation, and guiding access to inner resources. The key to success in her approach lies in the confluence of hand-crafted individualized step-by-step paths to wellness and guidance through the transcendence of emotional and mental barriers.

The daughter of a distinguished German naturopath and author, she adopted her father’s philosophy of looking deep into the underlying reasons for imbalance: symptoms are important messages and shouldn’t be patched over or covered up. Christiane believes that our bodies strive naturally to come back into balance – our job is simply to listen and provide the environment the body needs to heal. She advocates neither harsh dietary restrictions nor any particular diet. There are no ‘bad’ foods – food is always life-giving if it’s real, unprocessed and consumed in moderation. However, each of us is unique and thrives on different foods, and reconnecting with ourselves and learning how to nourish our own particular body and soul is an intimate process.

Before coming to Canada, Christiane spent many years searching and exploring questions of identity in the theoretical context of academia in Europe, studying literature, philosophy, and theatre. As time went on, however, she grew increasingly dissatisfied with the dry food of analysis. Furthermore, the years of intense studies, pressure to perform, and not taking care of herself left her depleted physically and emotionally. She remembers that, during her university time, she was always tired, often sick and depressed. Thinking that she must somehow be at fault, she exhausted herself further by exerting even greater self-discipline. Doctors weren’t able to recommend anything better than rounds and rounds of antibiotics against her recurring infections. She felt powerless and desperate.

Finally, she sought help from her father, who used manual therapy, laser, homeopathy and a simple vitamin C infusion to treat a bladder infection. She was amazed when it was completely gone by the next morning! An important realization came to her – that it was her own responsibility to take care of herself and to empower herself with knowledge. Through emotional body work she connected with deeper levels of her body, through coaching she tapped into inner resources, and through the healing powers of whole foods she became more alive and resilient. Instead of staying dependent on help from the outside, she learned to trust her inner knowing. Guided by intuition, she left Munich behind, after having earned her Masters with distinction, and moved with the love of her life to Edmonton in 2009.

On arriving in her new home, Christiane connected immediately with like-hearted people, creative thinkers who were dreaming about an oasis that would provide a space for healing and connection. A vision was crafted and in 2011 Noorish Conscious Eatery became reality, not only offering healthy meals and yoga, but also superfood ingredients from all over the world and workshops to teach people to help themselves. Working and learning at this health hub was deeply nurturing and inspiring for Christiane.

When she found out about the CSNN program, she wasted no time enrolling. It happened naturally that she felt called to support others as a mentor, and in 2013 she became a Holistic Nutritionist. In love with learning, Christiane has been continuing her education through her own research and through learning from individuals like Dr. Gabor Maté, David Wolfe and Lothar Hirneise. In 2014 she founded her own practice, Heart-Food, and in 2015 she joined the wonderful team at Integrated Therapies.

Christiane offers one-on-one consultations, support programs, group workshops and public presentations.

Christiane can provide the following treatments: