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Spring into Action! by Nerissa Drabiuk RMT

The importance of movement in day to day life.

Nerissa RMT at Integrated Therapies

So often these days clients come in with complaints of stiffness,  whether it is in the low back, neck or a different joint, the story behind it is similar. There is a lack of movement. 

When I was in school, one of my teachers phrased it in a way that really spoke to me. She said that when we move, we are telling our body how we want it to be able to move. When we don’t move, we are telling our body that we don’t need it to be able to move in that way. 

Going through range of motion exercises and stretches creates a neural feedback which tells your body, “Yes, I do want to be able to move in this way”. 

Daily stretching can take as little as five to ten minutes. It is amazing how much stretching can alleviate stiffness, especially in problem areas. Also, as you get into a routine of daily stretching, it helps to create awareness about how your body is feeling, and how that is changing from day to day. Not only does stretching help with current problems but it is a great way of preventing the daily stresses on your body from building up.

Sometimes after an injury, it can be incredibly difficult to stay moving. In an attempt to avoid pain, we will stop moving the injured area. The longer movement is stopped, the more fascial restrictions build up and prevent movement from happening. 

In addition, winter tends to be a time of reduced activity. The extreme cold weather we get can make a person not want to leave their house. For those of us who don’t have a home gym, trips the gym might get reduced. 

However, spring seems to finally be arriving and warmer weather is on its way. With spring comes a desire to do activities that we may have missed out on during the winter. 

As you change your activity levels, whether that is resuming old activities or starting new ones, please remember to go slow. Rushing into activities can lead to unexpected injuries.

But do not worry, for as aches, pains and restrictions pop up, we will always be here to help! A massage might be just what you need to get into the swing of spring!

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