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Holistic Nutritional Coaching

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. – Aristotle

As a holistic nutritionist, I believe that real healing happens from the inside-out. It starts with an inner shift and goes through all levels establishing balance and flow. Our body, mind and heart are not only interconnected, but are a whole. There is a greater intelligence at work that we have access to. By aligning ourselves, we can find ease, peace and long-lasting change. My goal is it to supply you with the relevant knowledge, simple tools and the necessary support so that you feel increasingly empowered and confident on your journey to a new you.

In your holistic nutritional coaching I will guide you towards a new relationship with food and with your body. Rather than following a cookie-cutter approach, we will work together as a team, finding out what serves YOU best. We’ll start by uncovering old beliefs, harmful habits, deficiencies and excesses, and from there develop a program that caters to your needs and goals. The pace will be set by your rhythm and the steps will be simple and manageable, yet effective.

Rather than just taking away all your favorite treats and putting you on a restrictive diet, we’ll begin to introduce nourishing and healing foods that provide you with the life-giving nutrients that every cell of yours needs to thrive. You might be surprised how tasty and enjoyable it can be and you may find a sense of ease as we begin to remove harmful foods from your plate. It doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. Taste buds can adjust and cravings can lose their hold. Just as you developed the routine you’re having right now, you can transition to new ways till they become natural to you. As you let go of the old that doesn’t serve you any longer, you’ll gain back your energy, clarity, vibrancy, self-respect and joy of life.

Together we can:

  • find the foods that nurture you best
  • identify energy robbers that weigh you down
  • introduce wholesome foods that satisfy your cravings
  • balance deficiencies and excesses
  • bring flow into your life-style
  • release the grip of emotional eating habits
  • create a strategy for real and life-long change


From my experience, a multi-week support program has clearly the most success for sustained change, as it is crucial to retrain our systems slowly without overwhelming ourselves. Superficial ‘fixes’ usually don’t work and just set ourselves up for failure. Your body deserves more than a quick band-aid ‘solution’ – you are worth it.

Christiane Panesar

~ Holistic Nutritional Coaching Options~

Basic Consultation – 60 min: 100$

The basic consultation is a great first step towards change. We’ll discus your health concerns and goals, get your questions answered, and move you into the right direction. The session includes dietary recommendations, supplements and lifestyle.

Basic Family Consultation – 60min: 150$

Together everything is easier. Within husband and wife or mother and daughter, it’s important being on the same page regarding stepping into a more nourishing cuisine at home. Bring your loved one, so that you can learn and benefit together.

Full Assessment – 2 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + 60 min follow-up): 220$

In the full assessment we’ll go more into depth, through working with a food log, life-style assessment form and the Nutri-Systems Profile. We will uncover underlying nutritional deficiencies and excesses as well as imbalances in the body systems. In the follow-up session one week later, you will receive customized recommendations on diet, supplements and lifestyle to get you started coming back to balance.

Full Couple’s Assessment – 2 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + 60 min follow-up): 390$

This is a way to include your partner into a new, healthier life. Come together to both of your sessions. Each of you will receive their own assessment and personalized recommendations.

Full Assessment + Personalized 7-day Meal Plan – 2 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + 60 min follow-up): 350$

In addition to your full assessment and personal recommendations, you will receive a customized meal plan with recipes tailored to your health goals, personal make-up, and preferences.

Follow-up session – 45 min: 75$

You can book a follow-up session any time after your full assessment. Developing new habits and responding to change in your body can be overwhelming at first. Staying in touch through follow-ups is your opportunity for ongoing support, fine-tuning your protocol, discussing progress and acquiring more tips and tools.


Having a trained health coach by your side can be highly beneficial. It took time to get to the place you are right now – it will also take time to move to a new place. The multi-week packages provide you with the support you might need to get through the period of transition. The first few weeks are often the toughest, but with the help of a support program you’ll develop ease and joy in your new routine till you’re good to stand on your own feet and walk far.

4 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + three 45 min follow-ups): 345$

8 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + seven 45 min follow-ups): 595$

12 weeks (1 ½ h assessment + eleven 45 min follow-ups): 895$


These sessions can be provided by: