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Moving through anew

Many of you have heard me say, You need the opportunity to move through what once challenged you, and to do so in a new way.That is where healing happens.

Many years ago, while in a pub on Quadra Island, I found a small note that read: Time is nature’s way of not letting everything happen all at once. This statement applies to healing when healing is encouraged and accomplished through a natural method. It takes time and there’s a lot happening during that time.

A natural method would be any modality that recognizes the meaning of symptoms, the source of symptoms and the equivalent catalyst to stimulate those symptoms to move toward recovery and cure, in a gentle and permanent manner. In my clinic, that modality is homeopathy; a tried and true system of medicine.

Remember this: symptoms are your body’s best effort in a trying situation, aimed toward maintaining the best possible functioning, despite difficulty. Your body, being part of a larger natural context, is always working to maintain optimum health and will let you know when you’re in difficulty by expressing through symptoms.

Actually, the real difficulty doesn’t begin with physical symptoms. Difficulty begins naturally in our living, in what we meet and how we meet the challenges of life. We move through a difficulty by learning and discovering new resources within. We may also react adversely to hardships, based on misunderstanding. We misunderstand when we deny our human vulnerability, when we believe we can’t learn or when we doubt having deeper resources within to draw from.

From this misunderstanding about our selves and what we are, strategies are created to react, cover up or compensate for being naturally vulnerable. Usually these strategies are developed early in life so by the time symptoms develop the root cause is deeply buried in the subconscious. During homeopathic treatment when an old strategy is activated by external or internal triggers, we find ourselves meeting the situation in a new way, a different way, a way that draws on our deeper resources and our ability to learn and let go of the past. Without that opportunity, real healing never happens.

We might not get it right the first time but at least we can begin to recognize what strategy we’ve used or misused or misapplied in order to make our lives work in a way we can predict. The more we can see of what was an unconscious strategy, the less influence it needs to have on us.

To cure symptoms, we must discover what has been buried and what the body is trying to tell us. We must find out what strategies we’ve used in life that keep us limited in our experience and in our evolution for the sake of predictability. As healing happens, we begin to meet our challenges in ways we’ve never done before: differently, and with a deeper understanding of inner resources we couldn’t have known we had if we were not challenged. In meeting our troubles with new understanding about ourselves and our world, our bodies no longer need the expression of symptoms that limit us.

We are able to move through difficulty, wholeheartedly, by learning anew and depending on what is deeper within that sustains us. We move past what once kept us in a holding pattern of life. We move forward into realms never before imagined. Which is why you may have heard me say, Healing isn’t always a pretty picture but the results are truly a masterpiece.

Jessica Jackson CHom RCSH

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