We are delighted to announce that we have opened another Integrated Therapies location in Edmonton’s west end.

Integrated Therapies – West started with the idea my wife Soledad and I had of working closer to home. More than a year ago we found a house in a beautiful neighbourhood that was ideal for our family and also had a perfect space for a separate studio where we could bring what we do at Integrated Therapies in Old Strathcona to the west end.

The west end studio, although located in our residence, has its own entrance and gardens. We have created a tranquil oasis offering state-of-the-art design and a calming professional setting. It has a waiting area, a yoga room and an acupuncture/massage therapy room.

Soledad will be giving one-on-one yoga instruction, and I will be providing my signature treatments of integrating massage with acupuncture and traditional Thai massage.

We invite you to enjoy our Edmonton massage services in our new location. If you live or work closer to the west end, you may find it more convenient. If you have friends or family looking for a west-end yoga or massage/acupuncture practice, here we are.

We will still be working at Integrated Therapies in Old Strathcona for those who prefer to see us there, and appointments for both locations will continue to be coordinated through the Old Strathcona receptionist or our online booking facility.