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Holistic Nutritional Coaching -Food is our first medicine

I would like to introduce a new member of Integrated Therapies, Christiane Panesar. Christiane graduated with distinction from Canada’s leading natural nutrition institution, the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition (CSNN), and is bringing Holistic Nutritional Coaching to the clinic.

Nutrition is the first medicine and the most natural – we just need to know how to access it. Proper nutrition can heal, and is more important than any supplement or drug. Without it, true wellness is not possible.

Christiane can guide you to eat consciously and with understanding, and help to resolve imbalances ranging from digestive issues to body pains.

On her own words:Christiane, Holistic Nutritional Coaching

“In your holistic nutritional coaching I will guide you towards a new relationship with food and with your body. Rather than following a cookie-cutter approach, we will work together as a team, finding out what serves YOU best. We’ll start by uncovering old beliefs, harmful habits, deficiencies and excesses, and from there develop a program that caters to your needs and goals. The pace will be set by your rhythm and the steps will be simple and manageable, yet effective.

Together we can:

  • find the foods that nurture you best
  • identify energy robbers that weigh you down
  • introduce wholesome foods that satisfy your cravings
  • balance deficiencies and excesses
  • bring flow into your lifestyle
  • release the grip of emotional eating habits
  • create a strategy for real and lifelong change”

Book a first appointment with Christiane and see what she can do for you. Take this important step to start changing your life and live fully alive.


Give as a call (780) 432-4803 or book online.

Best wishes,

Mariano Torres R.Ac.

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