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Elemental Detoxing for Spring by Erik Hanzen

In springtime the snows melt and rains come to wash the old dirt away and prepare nature for new and bountiful growth. Your body is made of the same elements found in nature – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. As such, your body follows the same cycles and laws as nature. As Spring emerges outside, the cells inside your body are ready to be cleaned and detoxified. Spring is the best time to lose weight, strengthen your immune system, heal old injuries and let go of addictive behaviors that are negatively affecting your health. At this time of year nature is supporting you.

Cleansing the body of toxins is a good practice for everyone to do once or twice a year, even if you have a very healthy diet. Toxins are taken in from the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat and the stress you experience in life. When toxins accumulate in your body you feel pain and discomfort at the site of toxic accumulation. Toxins will accumulate where there is already an established weakness in the body. You will experience this pain and discomfort as symptoms of dis-ease according to your individual elemental make-up.

Understanding which elemental body-type you are is key in healthy cleansing. You are unique and will experience an accumulation of toxins differently than others depending on the elements that you need to balance. Additionally, you have different physical, mental and emotional needs that your cleansing program should address.

FIRE Element:
People with a strong Fire element in their constitution will need a cleansing program designed to restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Fire people have a strong tendency towards acidity so they may experience problems with heartburn, diarrhea, skin rashes or irritations, ulcers or painful swollen joints. They need to cool and alkalize their systems.

AIR/SPACE Elements:
People with a lot of Air and Space in their systems are generally cold and dry inside. When air and space in the system becomes excessive, problems with cold hands and feet, difficulty sleeping, constipation, headaches, chronic fatigue or emotional issues such as anxiety or excessive worry occur. To balance these elements, air/space people need to moisten and warm their bodies.

People with an abundance of Earth and Water in their systems need to rid the body of excessive mucous. Too much mucous creates issues such as weight gain, lethargy, poor digestion, heaviness in the body, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, heavy or depressed emotions. Earth/Water people need to warm and dry out the body and stimulate the metabolism through special foods and exercise

When we understand and work with the laws of nature, balancing the body and mind becomes as natural as breathing in and out. The more you listen to the natural intelligence of your body the easier it is to choose the foods that will heal and nourish your system. In order to re-awaken your body’s intelligence you need to cleanse the accumulated toxins from your system just like the spring rains cleanse the Earth.

To discover your elemental body-type and learn how you can cleanse your body this Spring to achieve your health goals, make an appointment for an Elemental Nutritional Consultation with Erik Hanzen at Integrated Therapies

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