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Immediate Shift™ workshop with Susann & Ernst von Meijenfeldt

Posted on: April 15th, 2016 by Mariano

The brain that rewires itself

With much success Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt teach people the Immediate Shift Method™. The Immediate Shift Method™ is a self-coaching tool to shift out of negative conditioned patterns into your heart, and into psychological and physiological resilience and wellbeing.

The Immediate Shift Method™ makes use of the principles of neuroplasticity to retrain your brain to become ‘unstuck’ and to support you to live fully alive. The brain has been called the most complex structure in the universe. Being the subject of countless scientific and medical studies we have learned the brain is not a static, fixed organ. It is highly dynamic and changeable. Neural architecture (synapses, pathways, networks) changes all the time, primarily in response to new experiences, thinking and feeling. This lifelong ability of the brain to change is called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity.

Brain pathways that get a lot of use, consciously or unconsciously, become stronger and stronger, forming highways in the brain. These highways get more and more easily triggered with the potential consequence of people getting ‘stuck’ in unfavorable patterned pathways.


Constant stress reaction depletes the system

When the nervous system is activated into stress, overwhelm or alarm of any kind; emotional, physical or mental, the brain tries to help the body by creating stress reactions. One effect of such “help” is the shutting down or over-stimulating of our vital systems: the nervous system, the immune system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the muscular system and the cognitive system. Research shows 80 – 95% of all health issues are related to stress!

A stress reaction is designed to last for short periods of time only. An enduring stress reaction becomes a highway in the brain, sooner or later affecting your health, your way of thinking and feeling and your ability to function.

By applying the Immediate Shift Method™ you will learn to shift your nervous system from stress to rest. That shifts your vital systems back into a wholesome balance. You will feel immediately how you have more ground and space to deal with life in the way you know to.


Immediate Shift™ workshop

In the three day workshop we teach you the Immediate Shift Method™, a practical tool you apply each time you notice a stress reaction, or when a negative pathway (mental, physical, emotional) is activated. You will realize how much influence you really have to choose which pathways in your brain to fire, and which ones to stop. In the safe and intimate setting of a small group you will find out with much compassion, humor and togetherness that we do have the choice and the power to create a life that gives expression to what we really are, rather than being conditioned replicas of human conditioning, our past experiences or even of those of our ancestors.

The actual shift includes a few simple steps and gestures you do with congruent posture and expression, and some self-coaching phrases you speak out loud. It also includes resourcing on authentic states you know and love through visualization. In just a few minutes the Immediate Shift Method™ breaks the trance of negativity and shifts you into your heart, and into full embodiment of a real state of your choosing.

Participants receive individual coaching and room to practice. We will help you to recognize your pitfalls, and open up new resources that are their antidote. You will learn not only from your own coaching but also from the specific support each of the participants receives. When the workshop completes you will be well prepared to do the Immediate Shift Method™ on your own.


Applying the Immediate Shift Method™

Each time you apply the Immediate Shift Method™ you shift into your heart, giving new signals to your brain and your nervous system to fire new wholesome pathways. This shift brings coherence in your heart-brain connection, balancing your whole system.

The Method enables you to choose a way of being you want to live from. That way you regain the power to lead your self into a way of being and doing you want to activate. Serving what you truly love and no longer serving your conditioning, negativity, victim states and limiting beliefs.

Your true nature of inner rest, love, ease, kindness, joy, openness and clarity bounces back. The more often you consciously shift, the quicker your brain rewires itself to the new connections you tell it to build. From here it is easy to relate to authentic qualities you know in your heart, and give these form and expression.

If you apply the Immediate Shift Method™ many times daily for the first 10-12 weeks, you will notice significant changes in your presence and in how you relate to yourself, the world, and others. Already during the three days of the workshop participants notice significant changes in their nervous system, their all-over level of inner calm, natural joy and vital energy.

For whom is the workshop?

“I highly recommend the Immediate Shift training to anyone with physical, mental or emotional challenges – basically anyone with a pulse – who would like the tools to create a powerful shift in their lives.”
“Susann & Ernst are skilled facilitators who bring their particular gifts to make this work brilliant.” (Julia – workshop participant).

In our modern world with high demands of multi-tasking and lots of pressure and stimuli, everyone can benefit from being calm instead of overwhelmed or stressed. Some of the following conditions achieved great results, as they all are based on a nervous system that is out of balance: stress, burn out, overwhelm, anxiety, PTSD, negativity towards self and others, depression, low self- esteem, panic attacks, toxic shame, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, over-sensitivities, IBS/digestive issues, chronic pain, foggy mind, eating disorders, addictions etc. Many people experience an immediate shift out of these conditions into resource states like rest, wellbeing and aliveness.

The Immediate Shift Method™ is a training method, not a therapy and it does not replace the need for any medical treatment. It will give you the background knowledge and a simple, powerful, practical tool to shift out of stuck places and unstuck yourself.


About the facilitators

Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt are holistic life coaches with training in many different process-oriented and transpersonal methods. Our passion is to support clients to awaken out of the trance of human conditioning by opening their heart and shifting into the love, joy and authenticity of their true Self.

We work in private practice in Edmonton, Canada, and over the phone/ Skype with international clients. Together we facilitate Open-Heart circHealing, Process Workles, (international) workshops and Deeper Love couple coaching.

With our background in Integrated Philosophy and our professional experience with Recreation of Self, Hakomi (Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy), Transpersonal Coaching, Co-active Coaching, Self Compassion work, Attitudinal Healing , HeartMath and Releasing, an array of resources is available to provide tailor-made feedback, coaching and support during the workshop.

Read more about Susann

Read more about Ernst

Read more about their work

Contact Info:

You can contact us by email at or by phone: 780.914.6399 (Susann) or 780.914.9436 (Ernst)


Workshop details

Date:       May 20, 21, 22, 2016              Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 1:00 – 6:00 PM

Place:     Integrated Therapies, 10065 80 Avenue, Edmonton

Cost:       $585 early bird rate (register and pay before April 30, 2016), $690 regular rate

We offer a customized payment plan for those participants that need it.

Space is limited to eleven participants per workshop, so please email us right away if you are clear to participate and we will reserve you a spot. We will send you a confirmation email and details how to pay. If these dates do not work out for you but you want to participate another time please let us know.

We are looking forward to share this for us priceless gift with you. For any questions you have please feel free to email us or give us a call.

With Love, Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt


Cancellation policy

On occasion unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary for us to cancel a workshop and accordingly we reserve the right to cancel workshops where appropriate. In such circumstances you will be given as much notice as possible and we will either refund the full seminar fee or, if you request, move your registration to an alternative date. We are not liable for any losses other than the workshop costs.

If you start the workshop but decide not to complete, we will not reimburse you.
Once you have registered and paid you have seven days to cancel your booking and receive a full refund, unless the workshop you participate in starts within four weeks. Because we run small groups with limited spaces, we cannot refund you in the last four-week period. If you take up a space and cancel on short notice, it is difficult for someone else to fill your spot. However, if we are able to fill your space anyway you will be fully refunded.
We deduct an administration fee of $85 from all refunds.



Please read some of the testimonials and see how much participants benefit from the Immediate Shift™ workshop. If they can shift, you can shift too!


“After the Immediate Shift workshop, I felt a profound and visceral sense of peace and acceptance. I stopped constantly worrying about the future and replaying the past, and instead found myself calmly and inexplicably living in the moment. How had this happened?! It continued to happen, as I practiced the 2-3 minute shift process every time I fell into old patterns of thinking, or even when I just felt a familiar discomfort in my body. I quickly shifted out of the pattern of socially isolating myself, and started taking music and writing workshops, and attending the community events I used to talk myself out of. The most amazing transformation I experienced is the ability to feel my feelings instead of dissociating from them: something that had created relationship problems throughout my life.

Susann and Ernst are skillful, knowledgeable and exceptionally kind teachers. Their ability to carefully focus on each person and remain intellectually and emotionally present throughout the entire 3 days of the workshop was impressive, and created the type of trust and safety required for facilitating a group through this intense process. They are an extremely perceptive and effective tag-team, finishing each others’ sentences while each bringing their unique knowledge and abilities forward for the benefit of us all. I’m extremely grateful for their loving guidance into this new way of experiencing life.”

Melisa Brittain, Edmonton


“I had been secretly wishing to practice brain plasticity for many months. So when I heard about the “Immediate Shift Method” I opened my mind (with difficulty) to the possibility of such a real and life-changing tool.

I was suffering from chronic anxiety, daily dread, depression and utter hopelessness. During the 3- day course, my mood went from hopelessness and acute anxiety to love, hope and a feeling of lightness. But as the weeks after the workshop carried on, I noticed more changes. I started getting more courageous instead of combative. I started to dream things instead of being egotistical. I started to SEE my higher self in action in my daily life, and synchronistic events happened beyond my comprehension and explanation! Maybe the synchronistic events, the beauty and the hope were there before, but I was so caught up in my negative moods that I hadn’t noticed. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone. For me, it is bringing out a side of me that is wonderful, hopeful and positive. Thank you Susann and Ernst.”

M.M. (name withheld) Calgary


“I joined the Immediate Shift workshop out of professional interest. Being an osteopath I have been able to witness the inter-connectedness between the body and mind. I am interested in every method, which helps to clear and change ingrained body-mind patterns. I am happy to recommend this method, as well Susann and Ernst’s professional abilities as facilitators. I was able to witness not only changes in myself over the course of the weekend but also in every one of the participants. We got more and more enthusiastic about the method as the weekend progressed. What also struck me as being helpful was Ernst’s ability to rationally convey the facts about this method, supported with Susann’s demonstrating and animating ability from her wealth of professional and personal experience.

I am now recommending this method particularly to patients with chronic, hard to shift conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, R.A, Fibromyalgia etc. where the relaxation of the mind could play a crucial role in their recovery.”

Dr. Egbert Weber D.O.,N.D.,mATMS, (Osteopath), Byron Bay (Australia)


“I am feeling so fortunate that I decided to attend “Immediate Shift” this November. It has provided me with a profound method that allows me to shift out of limiting ways of being (eg. bad habits like night time snacking, grumpy interactions with my husband, fearful thoughts that hold me back, and times of stress & overwhelm, to name a few). I am very excited to have a method that is quick (yes, 3-5 minutes) and that I can apply ALL BY MYSELF. This is incredibly empowering.

After dedicating myself to catch each trigger, every small troubling thought, and every negative state of mind for the weekend of Immediate Shift workshop, I found an overall sense of peace growing in me. I was staying in these negative places for such a short time, it would rarely be remembered at the end of my day.
Back to work has been different as I have less time in my day. But luckily, the process is quick. I have done it in my head while walking my dog and while driving to work. Other times I take the 3-5 minutes and do the entire process. This reinforces it and integrates it into my daily way of being.

I am deeply grateful to Susann and Ernst who have creatively gathered various process tools and developed an effective approach to change and healing that assists each participant to be the best that they can be. Their warmth and open sharing makes learning the Immediate Shift comfortable, entertaining and safe.”

Pam Algar, Registered Psychologist, Edmonton


“My husband and I took part in the Immediate Shift workshop with Susann and Ernst and I’m thrilled to share my experience. Susann and Ernst are professional, experienced and caring facilitators and trainers. I felt completely supported and ‘held’, and their combined female and male energies were complimentary and whole.

I experienced a profound shift during the workshop, and now I have immediate tools available anytime I experience myself being out of balance. I don’t think I can express how good it is to be in charge of myself again, instead of past trauma, accidents, viruses and conditioning being in charge. Simple daily activities like driving, working, getting groceries, are no longer overwhelming and exhausting. I experience much more calmness, quiet rested-ness, an inner strength, and more capacity in general.

Doing the workshop with my husband has provided us with a deeper ground to be together in and when we have conflicts. We are able to each take responsibility for how we are being, and the conflict completely disappears. I would be happy to recommend this training to anyone!”

Christy Bruce, Edmonton


“I took part in the 3-day Immediate Shift workshop with Susann and Ernst and was pleasantly surprised to find how effective and powerful this Immediate Shift method is! I feel more vibrant, alive and have less IBS type symptoms. The Immediate Shift method has allowed me to change beliefs that have triggered anxiety, feelings of being stuck, and the IBS. I find that I am no longer rushing around like I have been for so many years.

Susann and Ernst have poured a tremendous amount of time and love into this work. Thank you! Three weeks after doing the training I am applying the method consistently and I am seeing the benefits of it. The Immediate Shift method is giving me a way to stop going down the path of a negative spin. The process has unearthed the next layer of deep holding patterns that I am now ready to be free of. This helps greatly with my relationship with my wife and with my clients at work. I plan to continue to do the process, because of the long term benefits I want to achieve.”

Don Bruce, Edmonton


“I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago. The symptoms associated with fibromyalgia impaired my ability to function normally and express fully in my life. Fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog and migraines limited the number of hours that I could function at any given day, the range of what I was able to do, as well as the quality of those hours.

In those 15 years I tried all kinds of different treatments, therapies, diets, supplements, exercises, etc. all to no avail, leaving me feeling helpless on how to help my body not be in so much distress. When I heard and read about the Immediate Shift method I thought that it definitely would be a successful process to change behavioral patterns and decided to register for the workshop.

At first I did not comprehend how unconscious body functions could be influenced but during the workshop I learned and understood how it could happen. I figured that if I had made the effort for so many previous treatments, I could invest some time every day to improve my condition.

Susann and Ernst are knowledgeable of the content, very skilled in its delivery, and held a space of safety and respect with the right amount of humor, in which we all were able to explore the method.
Within 1 week my symptoms had decreased by about 75% and now, 5 weeks later, I am functioning at 95%!!! I recommend the Immediate Shift workshop highly, as a 3-day investment into a symptom free future!”

Mariel Helmers, Edmonton


“I am very grateful for the wonderful Immediate Shift Workshop. Already in the first week after the workshop the use of the Immediate Shift method bore fruit. I feel significant changes in my life, and my partner and I are very different in our togetherness. I am more often and quicker aware of my ‘ruts’. I feel empowered to change these old habits every time I recognize them, and I am enthusiastic about reprogramming them on the spot. I am turning into the ‘Real Peter’!
I am looking forward to the time when the ‘ruts’ won’t even show up in my life anymore, because I rewired my brain.

One important part of the training is that I am now more aware when I am in the ‘Fight-Flight- Freeze-Response’. And I can us the Immediate Shift method to shift out of it. That makes me much more quieted and grounded during the day. I am more present in my heart and more available for others. Every evening I use the method to prepare for going to bed, as I used to stay in a high Fight-Flight-Freeze-Response as long as possible. Now I look forward to my dreams instead of fearing them. I discovered newly that feeling safe is important to me.”
The Immediate Shift method is such a practical, simple method to use. Wonderful!”

Peter Krempelsetzer, München (Germany)


“The Immediate Shift Method has been life changing and life giving for me. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue and depression for many years. For the last 3 months I would wake up with a feeling of dread for the day ahead and would often sneak back into bed soon after breakfast to sleep again and to curl up in the pain and hopelessness I was feeling so much of the time.

I had heard about the Immediate Shift workshop but was reluctant to take the course because I already knew that it was in my power as awareness to heal myself and I knew that all I had to do was shift my perspective when dullness and heaviness arose. However, although I knew to and how to do this, I wasn’t doing it. Then one day I received an invitation to the workshop and when imagining myself taking the course I saw my heart wide open and sunshine coming into my face. My belief that I can heal myself quickly was already activated. I arrived at the workshop ready to change and I did – quite significantly.

Over the years I have done a lot of work on myself, attended a lot of workshops and relied on professionals to help me shift and heal. What I love about the Immediate Shift Method is that it gives you a tool that you can take home and do it all by yourself which is incredibly empowering…, and cost and time effective! It is quick and simple, so it can be done anytime, anywhere (even in public washrooms if needed!) This enables you to catch your bad habits as soon as they arise, which is key to rapid change.

It has been a month since completing the workshop and I no longer wake with dread and then crawl back into bed after breakfast. Instead, I wake with purpose and enthusiasm and I maintain that state throughout the day. My nails are long for the first time in years and I have energy to exercise everyday. It is still delicate in me. I can often feel the old patterns hovering close by, but when I see or feel that, I know it’s time to do the process. This way I am no longer afraid of the black cloud taking me over again, as I have my constant companion, the Method. I have my life in my own hands again. It has been a true gift.

As facilitators, Ernst and Susann combine their many abilities to hold a friendly, safe, playful, yet firm space. They kindly allow no room for being a victim or coming from old ways of thinking. They simply and beautifully leave you no choice but to leap playfully into an Immediate Shift.

Sally Ransen, Edmonton


“Best workshop I ever attended! Unforgettable, life changing, humorous and very lively. It was sweet to see how Susann and Ernst interacted. With such lightness and togetherness. Their sharing of their own difficulties and experiences was very supportive. We were all in it together. The weakest system in my body was my nervous system. Now it calmed down to a normal level. I notice a very different way of being in my body. There is an unusual rested-ness and well being in me. Calmness in any situation, with much more heart. It’s a new life!”

Heidi Pander, München (Germany)


“I’ve got a wonderful life and after the Immediate Shift Workshop my life is even better. Whenever a belief, pattern, feeling or tension comes into my body, I take a moment and give myself the ’Immediate Shift’. Within a minute my mood changes to availability, relaxation and curiosity, open to what is asked of me.

I never knew that my happy feelings actually make me very agitated. Now with doing the ‘Immediate Shift’ I am more able to ground myself, becoming less and less anxious. It’s amazing how the ritual of the ‘Immediate Shift’ becomes a moment of contemplation throughout many, many, many moments of the day.

I also notice how my life is moving forward positively and that I have way more time to do things than I ever thought. I love to be authentic; to be fully me without compromise!”

Sylvia van Loveren, Edmonton


“Prior to the Immediate Shift workshop, I was increasingly experiencing symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. The symptoms included constant swollen and painful glands in my neck, armpits and groin area. My fatigue was increasing to the point to which I was pulling back from nearly all social engagements so that I could go to bed earlier and earlier, often 8:00 or 8:30 PM. If I stayed out late one night, until 10 PM, I would be extremely tired or even sick with a cold for the next week. It felt like my life was getting smaller and smaller and was being increasingly run by the CFS/ME.

I was thrilled to hear about the ‘IS’ workshop Susann and Ernst offer. Following the ‘IS workshop my symptoms are completely gone. I stayed up until 11:30 PM or later every night for the next two weeks, enjoying such beautiful and fun time spent with other people. Not only are my symptoms gone, but also I am really enjoying being able to connect with others in a meaningful and full way. I am confident that as I keep up with the process, my symptoms are a thing of the past.

That is a big “WOW” for an “incurable” illness. I cannot thank Ernst and Susann enough.”

Leanne Hedberg, Edmonton


“Doing the Immediate Shift training gave me an astounding shift back into my own power. It brought me again in contact with my true kind nature and helped me shift my focus to the loveliness that I am. It gave me a ‘shifting’ tool which I can use any moment of the day to support me staying on the right track.

Ernst and Susann were coaching us in such dear way, full of humor and sparkle and with many examples from their own live. If you wish to change something in your live, this Immediate Shift training is a true leap forward.”

Dorine Scherpel, Edmonton

WINTER OPEN HOUSE at Integrated Therapies – Saturday December 6, 1-5pm

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by Mariano

Open-House-Flyer-imageEnter the whirl of the festive season fortified with practices that support you from the inside out.  Come for an afternoon of learning and sharing, or just warm up by the fire with hot tea and a delicious treat and have a friendly visit.


Our therapists will present brief talks during the afternoon:

2:15 pm Erik Healing Breath Therapy and short guided meditation
2:50 pm Anne Bowen Technique
3:20 pm Erik Elemental Nutrition
3:50 pm Anne Cranio Sacral Therapy
4:15 pm Erik Healing Breath Therapy

  • Try a free 15 min massage session with our wonderful new therapist Frank. Remember to add your name to the list when you arrive, as spaces are limited.
  • We will have gift certificates available with an event-only present of Rich and Floral Handcrafted Skin foods with each purchase, and a special winter sale on these natural products.

*Erik Hanzen is a pioneer in the healing arts field creating unique therapies and classes, he created the healing breath therapy and co-created Elemental Life Solutions, a healing system based uponthe 5-elements of nature.

*Anne Liebhart has more than 30 years of experience in the field of holistic healing therapies; she is a trained physiotherapist, registered massage therapist and cranio-sacral therapist.

*Frank Lai is a registered massage therapist who loves his work and to help clients feel better in their bodies and in their lives.

This FREE event starts at 1 pm and finishes at 5 pm. Please join us!



Living from your heart – open weekly circle in the heart of Edmonton.

Posted on: April 3rd, 2014 by Mariano

by susann von meijenfeldt

faces“For someone to develop genuine compassion towards others, first he or she must have a basis upon which to cultivate compassion, and that basis is the ability to connect to one’s own feeling and to care for one’s own welfare…Caring for others requires caring for oneself.”
(Dalai Lama)

“We come together in a circle because that is the best way we have found to experience connecting. It is from experiencing joining with others in a loving, sharing way that our loneliness and fears can be released and inner peace becomes our reality.”  (Tom Pinkson, Centre for Attitudinal Healing)

Integrated Therapies is starting an Open-Heart-Circle. Every Thursday evening from 6.30 – 8.30, people are invited to come together to explore how to open their heart no matter what life is presenting and to find out what is in the way to do so all the time.

With the support of two facilitators – Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt – we will grow the ability to be aware of how we operate inside, what triggers us to close our heart and become negative. Often we are not even aware of the automatic reactivity that hijacks us away from our true open nature. Reactivity is the habitual trance for most humans to move away from what is, when we don’t like it and we need or want it to be different.

With applied mindfulness and self-compassion we will learn how to stay present with what is and to stay loving in the midst of our ego-mind being triggered, urging us to follow its negative momentum.

The key to freeing ourselves from the daily trance of negative thinking is to become fully aware of it. It all begins with the recognition of what we do in our interior to cope with life’s difficulties; how we harden, how we separate, how we become critical, how we project, how we blame, how we become righteous, how we avoid, how we ignore, how we rationalize; how we excuse; how we withdraw; how we attack; how we defend…

We use whatever we can to not feel what is; to avoid the present moment as it is. We close our heart and contract our bodies. It is a deeply engrained “highway” in the brain to instinctively fight perceived “negative” experience. Mindfulness research discovered that it is not the “negative feelings” that cause our suffering but our resistance to it and the many ways we run away from feeling it. It is the flight or fight reaction that triggers us deeper and deeper into suffering.

And then we judge ourselves for being closed and negative, not realizing that it is not our fault all this is coming up in us. We can realize however that it is an inheritance of human consciousness as it has developed over generations and generations by people feeding negative momentum and the corresponding unconscious belief system.

It can be a big relief to know that these habitual ways are not “our” own ways. The way back, out of our mind and into our body and heart is by fully being with our inner experience. The way home to our heart, is to feel life as a direct experience and not adding any story in our mind to it.

Growing and fine-tuning our awareness through mindfulness and thus strengthening our connection with our interior, will give us the space to stop going with automatic reactions. It is a huge step forward to be able to recognize the urge to follow negative momentum. Mindful awareness helps us to notice and empowers us to make a different choice. In that choice the freedom starts: we are invited to “pause”. It is that ability to pause that makes all the difference.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” (Victor Frankl)

Since we are all connected in the prison of fighting what we do not like, the Open Heart Circle is a place to come together on a weekly basis to empower each other to respond differently when we feel hooked.

Mindfulness has proven to be the way to be able to meet whatever we are in, with open acceptance and embodied presence. Mindfulness allows us to dare to feel what is, moment by moment; not indulging in it, nor avoiding it. It is the base from which we can be with just anything. Allowing what is will open us to feeling pain, uncomfortable sensations, sadness, grief, fear, anger or other so-called “negative emotions”.

Whatever it is we feel, we need to make the choice to allow it; to meet it; to give it space to come into the light. The process of allowing it in mindfulness frees us of the self-created suffering. In that our heart starts to move and meet us in our return home.

Besides mindfulness there is another crucial element we will introduce in the Open Heart Circle – self-compassion. Where mindfulness teaches us to allow what is actually happening in us, and to be with it, qualities of self-compassion will provide the nourishing ground to dare to feel what is going on and make sure it is met with care and tenderness. Self-compassion is the antidote to finding fault in others and us when something goes “wrong”.

Modern research as well as our own experience with clients for over 14 years shows, that one of the strongest forces that keep us from opening our heart in challenging situations has to do with the harsh judgments we inflict on ourselves. We are quickly in the loop of thinking, we did something wrong.

In being judgmental and unkind to ourselves, we are disconnecting from our deeper true beingness and its healing resources. We cover the very place that we most need to awaken in our pain: our own heart. Self-compassion helps us to open our heart.

By residing more and more deeply inside our own heart all the joy, light and love we long for are available to us.

In the safe and non-judgmental environment of our weekly Open Heart Circle, we will cultivate the ability to be mindful and become aware of our flight, fight or freeze tendencies. We will explore more about how it all works, we will share from our experience and we will practice mindfulness and self-compassion as new vital tools.

In the circle you will learn to recognize negative mental activity before it gets fueled too much. You will learn how to naturally come back to the present moment, allowing what you feel, and meet it with your heart instead of your thinking. You will feel encouraged to say good-by to any victim perspective and discover the power of consciousness, where you were unconscious before. You will enjoy increasing freedom from your conditioned reactions and by that open more and more to your heart’s qualities, your real sensitivity and your real power.

To move the energy from your heads to your heart and body we will invite you to many different explorations and exercises. We will draw on a blend of methods from Hakomi (mindfulness based body-oriented process work), RCS (Recreation of Self), Focusing, Transpersonal Coaching, Compassion focused therapy, ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy), mindful self-compassion, heart-meditations and guided visualizations and structures from mindful self-compassion training.

In the Open Heart Circle there will be room for sharing your feelings, experiences and insights. There will also be space for some individual process work, from which all will benefit as they allow for connection and inner realization. Having the support of others opening to the same, you can allow what you feel more easily. You will learn to meet it in new ways that bring love and connection, with yourself and others.

We will celebrate our successes and embrace the falling backs that are a natural ingredient of growth and healing. It will be easier to deal with the challenges along the path, as we all hold the space for a new and open way of being.

Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt (holistic life-coaches and transpersonal mentors) will facilitate this weekly open circle in an inviting, gentle, openhearted non-judgmental, and process oriented way.

The group is designed as an open circle, so that you can decide each week if you like to join, without any obligation. Yet to reserve a spot, it would be good to give us a quick call, a text-message, or a short email, that you wish to attend that evening.

If you would like to receive more information please call Susann at 780 914 6399 or email:

You can also have information about the schedule and sign-in here.

MantraFest Tour 2013 with Deva Premal

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by celeste

Concert PosterAn evening with DEVA PREMAL & MITEN with Manose

Get ready to experience the beauty and bliss of the world’s most sacred mantras

The Oasis Centre 10930 177 St NW Edmonton
October 18, 2013 7:00pm

MantraFest 2013 brings together two visionary musical ensembles: the amazing Deva Premal & Miten with Manose (and Maneesh de Moor) and The GuruGanesha Band.

Deva Premal and Miten are among the chief architects of the sacred chant phenomenon that has energized the yoga and meditation movement in recent years. The legendary GuruGanesha has put together a sizzling array of multi-cultural musicians, garnering rave reviews wherever they perform.  The tour, which kicks off Sep 10, 2013, will reach from Miami to Vancouver and Montreal to Phoenix, is presented by Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha and produced by BrightStar Live Events.