Karina was born and raised in a small town in East Germany. Her lifelong interest in natural healing was sparked when a herbal bath, recommended by an old shepherd, resolved a childhood illness of two years duration.

In 1991 she moved to Dresden to study social work, and then, in 1996, she immigrated to Canada to delve into natural healing techniques and therapies. She was drawn to Alberta’s mountains and wilderness areas and determined let nature help her let go of old traditions and belief systems. She sought a better understanding of herself and the world around her.

When a dear friend was diagnosed with a serious illness, she was determined to help. She studied reiki, quantum touch, quantum healing and pranic healing, and became a certified quantum healing instructor. In 2006 she became a registered massage therapist through a 1000 hour program, and is about to complete a 3000 hour advanced clinical massage therapy program. She also studied reflexology and aura analysis, and took one year of medicinal herbology with Robert Rogers.

The confluence of her years of study and extensive treatment experience gives her an exceptional understanding of the connections between mental, emotional and energetic patterns and their effects on the body. Therapies she can provide include cupping, hot stone massage, energy healing, foot reflexology, relaxation and deep tissue massage, sports massage, pre- and postnatal and lymphatic drainage.

Karina can provide the following treatments: