Ernst von Meijenfeldt, Life Coaching TherapistI began searching for answers to life’s existential questions and meaning at an early age.

I explored the spiritual side of the human condition, initially through mystic Christianity and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, and later through the teachings of the Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. I engaged in various meditation practices, and for many years studied holotropic breath-work, a breathing method based on the work of Stanislav Groff which opens access into expanded states of consciousness for healing and self-exploration.

About fifteen years ago I began my search for a contemporary teacher – a self-realized human being who actually lives his teaching in the world. Barry Long, an Australian spiritual teacher and tantric master, was a major influence, and the teachings and living example of John de Ruiter, a Canadian philosopher, provide ongoing direction and inspiration.

Awakening to my true nature completely changed my way of being. I discovered an inner stillness, a non-judgmental way of listening, a spacious sense of clarity, a tender depth of empathy, and an acute ability to intuit truth.

The confluence of everything I have learned and realized though my personal and professional development and my love of guiding others in their own awakening drew me to life coaching. My experience and success in the business world as an architect and entrepreneur gives me a greater understanding of life’’s practical issues and enhances my usefulness as a coach.

Coaching has profoundly impacted my life, particularly through my marriage to Susann, one of the most perceptive and effective life coaches I know. Jointly, we provide a safe space to explore ways to transition from one phase to the next for couples who want to move past limitations in their relationship and deepen their love, intimacy and mutual commitment.