What is Holistic life coaching?

Holistic life coaching helps you to discover and express who you really are. Are you ready to awaken, let your awareness unfold, and open your true self to an amazing, purposeful journey on this planet?

We all know intuitively that our essential nature is loving and kind, peaceful and joyful, creative and connected – but most of us are conditioned with deeply ingrained limiting beliefs and negative inner voices that stand in the way of connection with our true longings, and we sleep-walk through life as limited versions of our real selves. Habitual ways of thinking and feeling – “living on autopilot” – prevent us from being fully alive and open to life’s natural unfolding in the present moment.

Mindfulness helps us identify where our conditioned minds have taken over and lets us see the invisible strings that govern our actions. Once we become aware of the unconscious network that has constrained us, we can make new, conscious choices that bring us real fulfillment in our way of being, living and loving.

In the safe and supportive environment of the sessions, you can drop into the intelligence of your body and heart and reconnect with the truth, wisdom and clarity of your innermost being.

Whatever life challenge, transition, letting go or sorting-out process you are experiencing, it will be a privilege and a pleasure to assist you in discovering a higher awareness and greater freedom within yourself.

Please call or email Susann if you have any questions or would like to book a session: (780) 432-4803  /susann@integratedtherapies.ca

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