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Elemental Detoxing for Spring by Erik Hanzen

In springtime the snows melt and rains come to wash the old dirt away and prepare nature for new and bountiful growth. Your body is made of the same elements found in nature – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. As such, your body follows…

Flavors for the cold season

Salty and bitter: flavors for the cold season These flavors cool the exterior of the body and bring the heat in deeper and lower, making it easier to tolerate cold. Warm hearty soups, whole grains and roasted nuts are great for th is season. Dried…

Spicy summer – foods for this season

The summer is finally here with its yang energy associated with expansion, growth, lightness outward activity, brightness and creativity. Let your diet and lifestyle be in harmony with the fire element of the summer. Here are some suggestions: Get creative, let your meals be colorful,…

Moving through anew

Many of you have heard me say, You need the opportunity to move through what once challenged you, and to do so in a new way.That is where healing happens. Many years ago, while in a pub on Quadra Island, I found a small note…

Food recommendation for the spring

  During this time the body naturally cleanses itself, not only of residues of the fats and heavy foods of the winter but also at an emotional level. It is said that spring is the time when things are seen in new ways. Because of…

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